Legal Statement

Angelic Real Estate, LLC & SVN|Angelic
100 Congress Avenue, Suite 2000, Austin TX 78701

Licensure in the states of Texas, Georgia, Florida, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, California, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nebraska, Alabama, Wisconsin and Illinois, (in most states d/b/a SVN|Angelic), Gabriel Silverstein, Managing Director/Sponsoring Broker.  Gabriel Silverstein salesperson license with SVN|BIOC in the state of New Jersey.

Licensure in all other states and territories provided through SVN and other Angelic Real Estate team members and other locally-licensed affiliates and brokerage partners.

In accordance with Chapter 153 of the Laws of 2022 of the State of New York, it is the policy and standard operating procedures of Angelic Real Estate, LLC / SVN|Angelic not to work with home buyers.