CBS Rentals: Heavy Equipment Rental Facilities

Facility Highlights

  • Sale/Leaseback of 11 heavy equipment rental assets in Texas and Florida
  • Facilities total over 212,000 SF on 34.2 acres of land
  • Each property had roughly 20,000 SF of building on 3 acres of gated property (large plots of land relative to size of building)
  • Tenant was a family-owned, mid-sized, privately-held company in growth mode
CBS Rentals

Transaction Summary

  • Tenant was represented by a fellow member of SIOR who brought the deal to SVN|Angelic because he believed we would provide the best potential buyers
  •  SVN|Angelic brought not one, but both of the final two buyers to the deal
  • SVN|Angelic negotiated a $27+ million, long term Sale/Leaseback with the tenant, to close in traunches, as some of the properties were not yet completed

Key Benefits

  • At the time of the deal, CBS was working on 4 other sites and SVN|Angelic structured the transaction to   give them 24 months to decide if they wanted to include those sites in the transaction at a pre-negotiated price and rent formula (which provided a lot of flexibility to the tenant)
  • SVN|Angelic structured the deal so the tenant could also later remove properties from the deal and substitute different properties in different locations
  • SVN|Angelic not only generated an extremely competitively priced transaction, but we also provided CBS the flexibility they needed for their business growth